Platform for location owners and movie productions

Who are we?

Homeliwood is a revolutionary platform with the aim to connect location owners, movie productions and location agencies. It is an online marketplace, bringing together those who are looking for film locations with those who have locations available for use.

An incredible revolution

Homeliwood organizes locations in movie-friendly categories, allowing the film industry to search thousands of locations and contact property owners directly. Film professionals find the locations they need and the property owners are paid for their use. We capitalize on the recently emerging trend of digital startups to offer to location owners the opportunity to easily rent their properties to the film industry.

platform Homeliwood

Moreover, for what concerns the movie productions we provide the chance to expand the list of possible locations at affordable and agreed price. By using our platform they will have the chance to implement their research, to cut costs and save precious time.  The range of offers of our location owners ensure to find the right place for any needs.

Let’s see what we offer 

Therefore, for both parties, the platform offers a great chance to solve their problems in an efficient and innovative way. Homeliwood offers locations for photo, film and television shoots.
Each location is distinguished by historical, cultural, architectural features. Each selected space has a story to tell and an atmosphere to experience.

Actually, our platform is already online and people are using it in order to generate a small income. Every listing on Homeliwood generates a web page that can be easily found on Google as well as other search engines. It is essentially a mix of input from the customer and a bit of science on our part. This new web page is more likely to be near the top of search results on Google because it is backed up by the strength of the Homeliwood website.


Many Location Managers use Homeliwood, the web platform to find movie locations and rent their own homes or locations to shoot films, videos or commercials.

Homeliwood.com is a project developed by Buytron, an important Italian company in the digital sector with years of experience and a portfolio of numerous startups launched.


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