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Homeliwood is a revolutionary online service that will ease filmmakers’ and property owners’ lives. How is it possible? Well, just keep reading and everything will be clear.

First of all, it is an online marketplace that brings together those who are looking for film locations and those who have locations available for use. Homeliwood organizes locations in movie-friendly categories, allowing the film industry to search thousands of locations and contact property owners directly.  Film professionals find the locations they need and the property owners are paid for their use.

 How does Homeliwood work?

On the one hand location owners and location agencies list their properties in order to expand their network and earn an extra income. On the oter hand, the movie productions and location scouts, who always spend a lot of time and money to find the perfect locations for their films can search thousands of locations and directly contact property owners.

The platform is already online. People are using it in order to generate a small income. Furthermore, every listing on Homeliwood generates a web page that can be easily found on Google.location agencieswill no longer waste  time and money in finding the right location and will easily find locations owners that are in a specific area, and have the possibility to contact them and set up a visit.The location owners can know exactly what the customer requests will be and offer the perfect location based on the needs.

Why you should definetely use it

Homeliwood creates value for the customers by providing them with an easy solution in the peer-to-peer form marketplace to meet their needs.

So, location owners and agencies can use the platform to list their property offers, to promote themselves online, to send quotes, to answer immediately to customers’ requests and to earn extra money with no fees added on the transaction. On the other hand, the film productions can choose among a wide range of offerings and easily get in touch with the location owners.

Once the service has been provided users can even leave a review on the location owners’ profile to share their experience and to inform other customers about the characteristics of the service. Hence, anyone can do the selection based on reviews left by other users. Even more importantly, the clients do not have to worry about safety and efficiency.

Therefore, it is absolutely an efficient and effective way to solve the needs of both customers.

If you want to learn something more about it, click here to visit the official website!


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